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Adho Mukha Svanasana

Pose type: Standing

Downward Facing Dog goes hand in hand with yoga, but just because you’ve heard of this pose doesn’t mean it’s easy to do.

Beginners often lean too far forward in this posture, making it more like a plank. Instead, remember to keep your weight mostly in your legs and reach your hips high, with your heels stretching toward the floor (they do not need to touch the floor).

Bend your knees a little to facilitate the move if you have tight hamstrings. Keep feet parallel.


Pose type: Standing

Mountain pose may not be as famous as Downward Facing Dog, but it is equally important. This is an excellent time to talk about alignment, which is how your body parts are ideally arranged in each pose.

The alignment in Mountain pose draws a straight line from the crown of your head to your heels, with the shoulders and pelvis stacked along the line. Every person’s body is different, so focus on rooting down with your feet and lengthening up with your spine.

A yoga teacher can talk you through this in class, reminding you to slide your shoulders down your back and keep weight on your heels.

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Utthita Parvakonasana

Pose type: Standing

One modification of Extended Side Angle Pose is to bring your forearm to your thigh instead of placing your hand on the floor. It should rest lightly on your thigh and not bear much weight. This modification enables you to keep your shoulders open. You can also place your hand on a yoga block.

If you reach toward the floor before you’re ready, you may compromise the position of the torso, turning your chest toward the floor instead of toward the ceiling.

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